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History Timeline USA Cricket

1709 Earliest mention of cricket in what is now the USA in Virginia.

1777/78  During the Revolutionary War, troops stationed at Valley Forge play cricket amongst themselves, including George Washington, later to become the first president of the USA.

1780s  In Congress, John Adams states that if leaders of cricket clubs can be called presidents, there is no reason why the leader of a new nation can not be called the same.

1833  Cricket begins in what was to become its US hotbed in Philadelphia when students at Haverford College form a team.

1844  The first international match in any sport takes place in New York as the USA play Canada at cricket, the match becomes a semi-annual event.

1853  After a seven year gap in the fixture, the USA win the match against Canada for the first time.

1859  George Parr's XI tour North America on the first ever international cricket tour. They beat the US national side by an innings.

1862  Brothers George and Harry Wright play for the US national team together. Both would eventually become key figures in the early years of Major League Baseball and both are in the baseball hall of fame.

1864  Haverford College play the University of Pennsylvania for the first time in what is the third-oldest inter-collegiate match in the USA.

1872  An English side featuring WG Grace tours the USA.

1874  Philadelphia play in the Halifax International Cricket Tournament in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is believed to be the first international cricket tournament.
A baseball team tours England, playing both baseball and cricket.

1878  Australia tour the USA. They beat All New York, draw with Philadelphia, beat the Peninsular Cricket Club in St Louis and beat California in San Francisco. The match against Philadelphia is the first first-class match in the USA, meaning that first-class cricket in the USA started before first-class cricket in Asia and Africa.

1879  Ireland tour the USA, drawing a two match series against Philadelphia.

1882  Australia tour the USA for the second time. They beat 18 of Philadelphia by 9 wickets.

1883  George Wright makes his first-class debut for the USA against the Gentlemen of Philadelphia, making him the first and to date, only, person to play first-class cricket and Major League Baseball.

1884  Philadelphia tour England, but do not play any first-class matches.

1885  Philadelphia gain their first first-class win over a touring side when they beat EJ Sander's XI by 109 runs at Germantown Cricket Club.

1886  The West Indies tour North America, including matches in New York and Philadelphia.

1888  Second tour of the USA by Ireland. They beat Longwood and All New York, but lose twice to Philadelphia.
On a tour to the West Indies, the USA beat the West Indies in Guyana.

1889  Second Philadelphian tour to England, again without first-class matches. They also visit Ireland and Scotland, drawing against the Irish and beating the Scots by 10 wickets.

1891  Lord Hawke's XI tours the USA. They win and lose first-class matches against Philadelphia before playing in New York, Baltimore, Boston and Chicago.

1892  Another tour of the USA by Ireland. They play matches in Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Baltimore. A three match series against Philadelphia is drawn 1-1.
Bart King makes his debut for the USA in the annual match against Canada. He goes on to be considered the greatest of all American cricketers.

1893  Australia tour the USA again. They lose to Philadelphia by an innings in a first-class match, with Bart King taking seven wickets on his first-class debut. Australia follow this with a draw against New York, a win in a first-class match against Philadelphia, and wins against Massachusetts and Detroit.

1894  Another tour of the USA by Lord Hawke's XI. They win both first-class matches against Philadelphia.
George Patterson scores 271 for his XI against Arthur Wood's XI in a first-class match. This remains the highest first-class score by a player from one of the current non-Test countries.

1895  University of Pennsylvania beats F Mitchell's XI in a first-class match. The touring team also draw a two match first-class series against Philadelphia.

1896  Another win for Philadelphia over Australia in a first-class match, though they lose the series 2-1. Australia also play against New Jersey, Chicago and California on the tour.

1897  Pelham Warner's XI tour the USA, playing matches in New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia. They win and lose first-class matches against Philadelphia.
Philadelphia tour England a third time, this time playing first-class matches. They win twice and lose nine of the 14 matches.

1898  Pelham Warner's XI tour the USA for a second consecutive year, this time adding Chicago to their itinerary. They win both first-class matches against Philadelphia.

1899  KS Ranjitsinhji (Ranji) takes an XI to the USA. They beat Philadelphia by an innings in both first-class matches.

1901  Bernard Bosanquet, inventor of the googly, takes an XI to the USA. The two match first-class series against Philadelphia is drawn 1-1.

1903  Kent become the first English county side to visit the USA. They beat Philadelphia in the tour's two first-class matches.
A second tour of England featuring first-class matches for Philadelphia. They win six of the 15 matches.

1905  The MCC tour the USA for the first time. The two match first-class series against Philadelphia is drawn 1-1.

1907  A second MCC tour sees both first-class matches against Philadelphia drawn.
Philadelphia tour Bermuda. They lose to the national side by 47 runs in a two day match.

1908  A second tour of Bermuda for Philadelphia. This time they beat the national side, winning by 8 wickets.
The final tour of England for Philadelphia. They play ten first-class matches, winning four and losing six. Bart King takes 87 wickets at 11.01 on the tour, the best single season bowling average in England until 1958.

1909  Ireland tour the USA. In the first first-class match against Philadelphia, Bart King takes all ten in the first innings (also bowling the not out batsman with a no-ball) and a hat-trick in the second as Philadelphia win by an innings. Philadelphia also win the second match by an innings.
Philadelphia visit Jamaica, winning a three match first-class series 2-1.
The ICC is formed, restricting membership to what is now the Commonwealth, thus excluding the USA despite their strength at this time.

1910  Bermuda beat Philadelphia by 9 wickets in Hamilton.

1911  First tour of the USA by Bermuda. In the match against Philadelphia at Haverford, Gerald Conyers takes six wickets for two runs, including two hat-tricks, at the end of the Philadelphian innings, finishing with match figures 15/138 in the six run win.
Now an annual visit, Bermuda beat Philadelphia by 7 wickets in Hamilton.

1912  The final first-class matches for Bart King in a drawn two match series against Australia.
Another tour of Bermuda by Philadelphia, featuring a 4 wicket loss to the national side.

1913  Final tour by Australia to feature first-class matches. They win two and draw one in the first-class matches against Philadelphia, also beating a combined Canada/USA team in both Philadelphia and Toronto, both of which were first-class matches. They also play matches in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Rhode Island on the tour, which also includes a win for Germantown Cricket Club against the tourists.

1918  Philadelphian cricket begins to decline after the war. They lose a four match series against New York 3-1.

1921  Eastern Canada tour the USA, drawing their match against Philadelphia.

1923  Bermuda tour the USA, losing a two match series against Philadelphia 1-0.

1928  Bermuda tour the USA, drawing against Philadelphia.

1932  Australia tour North America, including Don Bradman in the side. During the tour, Bradman watches a baseball match at Yankee Stadium with Babe Ruth.

1958  Pakistan tour the USA, playing matches in Philadelphia, New York and Massachusetts.
Cricket is televised in the USA for the first time, a match between Corinthians and Hollywood in Los Angeles.

1959  The MCC tour the USA, playing matches in Philadelphia and Washington DC.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower watches a Test match in Pakistan, gaining some publicity for cricket.

1961  The USA Cricket Assocation is formed.

1963  The Canada v USA match resumes, with Canada winning by an innings in Toronto.

1964  Yorkshire tour the USA, playing matches in New York, Washington DC and Hollywood.

1965  The USA become an associate member of the ICC.
Worcestershire tour the USA before the English season starts, playing matches in Honolulu and Hollywood.
New Zealand tour the USA, including a match in Los Angeles.

1967  MCC tour the USA, playing matches in Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York.

1968  The USA national side tour England for the first time, playing against minor counties and county second Xis.

1973  The USA beat Ireland by 42 runs in Los Angeles.

1979  The USA play in the first ICC Trophy in England, beating Israel and Wales.

1982  The USA finish sixth out of eight teams in their ICC Trophy first round group.

1986  The USA finish third out of nine teams in their ICC Trophy first round group, missing out on the semi finals on run rate.

1987  The West Indies tour the USA, playing two matches in Mount Vernon, Washington DC. They repeat the tour in the following two years. They play matches against a USA Select XI on the 88 and 89 tours.

1989  India play Pakistan in New York and Los Angeles and play the West Indies in Mount Vernon.

1990  Australia play Pakistan in New York and Los Angeles.
England play the West Indies in New York.
The USA reach the second round of the ICC Trophy in the Netherlands.

1992  Pakistan play a World XI in New York.

1993  Pakistan play the West Indies in New York.
The West Indies beat the USA for the Sir Garfield Sobers Cup.

1994  The USA reach the plate final of the ICC Trophy, but opt not to play due to prior travel arrangements.

1995  West Indies A tour the USA.

1996  Sri Lanka tour the USA, playing two matches in Philadelphia.
A USA Select XI play against the West Indies in Florida.

1997  The USA finish 12th in the ICC Trophy in Malaysia.

1998  The USA play in the Red Stripe Bowl, their first List A matches.

1999  Australia A play India A in a five match one-day series in Los Angeles, the first List A games to be played in the USA.
Two matches between an Asian XI and a World XI are played in New York and San Francisco.

2000  The USA tour England.
The USA finish third in the first Americas Championship.
In the Red Stripe Bowl, the USA beat Barbados by two wickets.

2001  The USA finish sixth in the ICC Trophy in Canada.

2002  A rain affected Americas Championship in Argentina is won by the USA.

2004  The first first-class match in the USA for more than 90 years is played in Florida as the USA lose to Canada in the Intercontinental Cup. John Davison takes 17 wickets for Canada, the best bowling figures in first-class cricket since Jim Laker. The USA beat Bermuda later in the competition, but do not reach the semi finals.
The USA win the ICC Six Nations Challenge in the UAE to qualify for the ICC Champions Trophy.
The USA are runners-up to Canada in the Americas Championship in Bermuda.
The ICC Champions Trophy in England sees the USA play their first ODIs, losing heavily to Australia and New Zealand.

2005  The USA finish 10th in the ICC Trophy in Ireland.
The USA Under-19s side wins the Americas Championship to qualify for the Under-19 World Cup.
Administration problems in the USA see the USACA suspended from the ICC, and the national sides kicked out of international competition, starting with the USA being replaced with the Cayman Islands in the Intercontinental Cup.

2006  USA Under-19s reach the plate semi-final in the Under-19 World Cup in Sri Lanka.
Despite their suspension, the USA are invited to take part in the Americas Championship in Canada. They finish second to Bermuda.

2007  The USA are scheduled to take part in Division Three of the World Cricket League in Darwin. Their suspension sees them relegated to Division Five. They are replaced by Argentina who go on to finish second.

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