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We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Junior Cricket, insure domestic cricket equality, provide for the common forward defensive stroke, promote the general welfare of Cricketers, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to pursue our game of Cricket within it's borders, do ordain and establish this Website for all the Cricketers of America. ;-)  History of Cricket in the USA

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If you would like help starting your own Junior Cricket Club  or a Schools cricket program, it's inexpensive, easy to do & a lot of fun. Contact me, Edward Fox email and I will help you with setup, help you get access to discounted cricket equipment and get you going, as well as, be there to support you with answers to all your cricket & organizational related questions. There is no charge for my help via email or phone EVER !!!

Why is cricket relevant today?

Apart from the fact that it's fun , and American kids love it ?

With so many newcomers to America being from cricket-loving nations, it makes good physical and cultural sense to embrace all that cricket has to offer. Here's why:

*America's cultural communities value and appreciate cultural recognition.

* Public school boards, corporations and organizations support America's evolving demographics by embracing activities that are part of the history, heritage and identity of cultures around the world.
* Cricket is growing in popularity around the world, including in America. Youth cricket is the best way to capitalize on the trend.
* A formal school cricket program will mirror what is happening informally across America as youth play cricket whenever and wherever they can.
  * Cricket supports learning outcomes beyond physical education: self-confidence, interpersonal skills, teamwork, integrity and fair play are encouraged and taught with an organized cricket program.
* Cricket is accessible to students regardless of social class, gender or ethnic background.

We Believe that Cricket can come easy to any American that wants to try .
With our superb background in sports of all kinds, Cricket has a lot of things that the average American sports follower looks for it their sport. Either recreationally or competitively. And also fill the needs of people that traditionally aren't big into sports. I'm not really a sports guy , but Cricket blows my mind . It's a passion .
It's great on so many levels.

Cricket Bat - Videos
Cricket Bat - Videos
Cricket Bat - Videos
Cricket Bat - Videos

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